In a Grove: Four Japanese Ghost Stories

By Eric Coble
Performed by the Actors Repertory Theatre
at The National Conservatory for Dramatic Arts
August 2011

Obosan, a traditional Japanese priest, steps forward from the darkness. He explains that where we now see a grove of trees, bushes, and grassy hills, was once the village of Kogisu — and Obosan was once the village priest. Where did all the people go? What happened to the homes and shops and pathways? Obosan promises to answer all of these questions in four tales as he takes us back in time hundreds of years to watch the supernatural history — and ultimate destruction — of an entire village.

FEATURING Ashley Byrd, Josh Dickinson, Joseph Jones, Lily Kerrigan, Terry McConnaughey, Susan Porter Edye Smith, Carol Spring / DESIGNED AND PRODUCED BY Nan Ficca and Doug Wilder / STAGE MANAGED BY Jamel Daugherty

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