Freud Meets Girl

by Hunter Styles
Wayward Theatre July 2010

“The results are staggering — and terrifying. Director Randy Baker works in perfect concert with a core cast of six to bring playwright Hunter Styles’ work to the stage… Thoughtful and deliberate up to its unexpected end, Freud is a gem in hiding at The Clinic’s small stage.” – DCist

“Mix the technology out of control in “The Fly” with the one-eyebrow-raised giddiness of “Little Shop of Horrors” and you come up with something close to “Freud Meets Girl,” the juicy sci-fi morality playlet making its debut at the aptly named The Clinic on 6th Street NW. Director Randy Baker maintains a breathless pace for the 70-minute play, which continues at the Fringe Festival through July 23…Baker generally constructs a nifty entertainment, filled with winning performances.” – Washington Post

“Freud Meets Girl is exactly the type of creative and inventive type of work that a Fringe festival should attract. It is an interesting story about individuals driven to using science to explore topics that might best be left to the human heart. Both the story and the staging are wonderfully imaginative. At first, it seems like the tale would be better told as an episode of a TV sci-fi anthology series, such as “The Outer Limits.” Yet after seeing how creatively director Randy Baker stages the story, it is hard to imagine it being better presented any other way. Freud Meets Girl is a clever story with enjoyable humor which turns into a mind-blowing experience (yes, I intended that pun). While occasionally a little obvious, the story receives a fine production with a talented cast. It is both entertaining and thought-provoking, as a superlative Capital Fringe offering should be.” – Washington Theatre Scene

FEATURING Katie Atkinson, Tony Bullock, Misty Demory, Laura C. Harris, Eric Messner, Andres Talero / DESIGNED BY Debra Kim Sivigny (Set), Robbie Hayes (Lights), Elise Lemle (Costumes), Nicole Martin (Sound)

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