Rashōmon’s Gate

A woodcutter and a priest take shelter from the rain under the crumbling Rashōmon gate. Here they recount a terrible crime that may or may not have happened. Moving between a present-day crime and the world of Akutagawa’s short story “Yabu No Naka” and “Rashōmon,” Rashōmon’s Gate gives new context to these stories about the subjectivity of truth.

“FIVE STARS: Stunning Production… Highly Ambitious” — DC Metro Theatre Arts (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW)


Commissioned by American University and performed as a part of their mainstage season. The play was performed from February 18-21, 2015 with the following cast: Linda Bard, Ella Beaudoin, Drew Copeland, Nicholas Galatis, Kendall Helblig, Patrick Kavanaugh, Bianca Lipford, Ivy Rice, Callie Trawick, Clancey Yovanovich. The Production was directed by Randy Baker and designed by Nathaniel Collard, Leah Gussoff, Kelly Bristow, Erin Nugent and Robert Pike, Stage Managed by Rebecca Silva and with fight choreography by Robb Hunter.

A new draft was developed and given a staged reading at Spooky Action Theatre in June 2017. The reading was directed by Shirley Serotsky.


RASHOMON / AMERICAN UNIVERSITY / Photo: C.Stanley Photography

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