ms.2wThe Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul MARAT as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis De SADE

By Peter Weiss

English Version by Geoffrey Skelton
Verse Adaptation by Adrian Mitchell

Music by John-Michael d’Haviland, Diana Cummiskey, Jordan Halsey, Kendall Helblig, Hilary Morrow and Randy Baker
and the cast of Marat/Sade

Presented by the American University
Department of Performing Arts
In the Katzen Studio Theatre

November 16-18, 2013

“From creating music and beating on pans to screaming, crying and tearing the place apart, “Marat/Sade” will leave audience members speechless…

“A bloody and relentless representation of insanity, suffering and struggle through the eyes of those who have been rejected by society, the Department of Performing Art’s production is not to be taken lightly… Audience members beware…. The grit of this stirring production will be uncomfortable and thought provoking, so bring an open mind” –The Eagle (For the whole article, “Marat/Sade enters into the world of insanity” CLICK HERE)

“If you are an American University student and wander into Katzen Arts Center this weekend, you may hear wails of agony. Do not be alarmed. The actors scream, writhe, sing and shout their way through this perplexing play. My advice: Cover your ears. It’s about to get creepy… If you choose to dive into this twisting and twisted show, stick around till the end. Its surprising, clever and, like the show, a bit mad.” –DC Metro Theatre Arts (For the whole article, CLICK HERE)

FEATURING Jana Bernard, Chris Carillo, Guillermo Creamer, Diana Cummiskey, Jordan Halsey, Kendall Helblig, Sakari Ishetiar, Alex Johnson,  Paul Lysek, Jr, Kendra McNulty, Hilary Morrow, Tim Neil, Kat O’Connor, Henry Pines, Roxy Reynolds, Ivy Rice, Brian Rhoades, Grant Saunders, Callie Trawick, Beky Winkler, Sarah Yoney

DESIGNED  BY Katie McCreary (Lighting), Jen Rankin (Set), Leah Gussoff (Assistant Set Design), Debra Kim Sivigny (Costumes) / STAGE MANAGED BY Madeline Steiner / WITH John-Michael d’Haviland (Music Consultant), Kyle Encinas (Fight Choreography), Kylene K. Page (Production Coordinator), Medha Marsten (Assistant Director),  Zachary Torres and Mami Kaminaga (Assistant Stage Managers), Jeff Gan (Dramaturg)

MARAT SADE / Photo: C. Stanley Photography

MARAT SADE / Photo: C. Stanley Photography

MARAT SADE / Photo: C. Stanley Photography

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