DIRECTING: Source Festival

The See Saw

By Drew Hampton
Source Festival June 2012

“A lovely Poetic quality” – DC Theatre Scene

The See Saw / June 2012 / Photo: C. Stanley Photography

A Fugue for Amorous Tornadoes

By Gabriel Jason Dean 
Source Festival June 2011

“Fugue for Amorous Tornadoes is literally a romance between two tornadoes. Piper (Kari Ginsburg) is a sultry and jealous lover of Five (Christian Sullivan), a strong and independent force who can’t be contained and goes where the winds take him. They are reunited after Piper finally tracks Five down after a prior encounter (“You can’t just swallow a girl up like that and leave her in the clouds.”) While it is hard to explain Fugue for Amorous Tornadoes, it is one of the most successful and complete plays in the group. The stormy (pardon the pun) relationship between the couple manages to seem real. Their dialogue is well-integrated with movements that suggest a powerful romantic dance. Fugue for Amorous Tornadoes is both an original and affecting piece.” – DC Theatre Scene

Something Like Loneliness

By Ryan Dowler
Source Festival June 2010

“The evening ends with Ryan Dowler’s “Something Like Loneliness” ably directed by the irrepressible Randy Baker, a fun-filled romp offering a new way of thinking about emotions. How about capturing feelings and soul-filled expressions and storing them carefully …in Tupperware? Dowler leads up to the hilarious premise so deftly, and Tony Bullock as Dan delivers such a succulent, in the moment performance, that you will actually start to ponder about innovative uses for those ubiquitous air-tight containers.” – DC Theatre Scene


The Rabbit and the Snake

By Randy Baker
Source Festival June 2008

Listen to Actor Shane Wallis talk about the play here

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