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Adjunct Faculty (2018-Current): George Washington University

  • TRDA 1025 – Understanding the Theatre
  • TRDA 1214 – Beginning Acting

Adjunct Faculty (2011-Current) and Director-in-Residence (2013-2015): American University

  • PERF 457 – Playwriting
  • PERF 445 – Senior Capstone Class and production
  • PERF 220 – Reflections of American Society on Stage
  • PERF 115 and PERF 115 honors – Principles, Plays and Performance New Play Project
  • Resident Artist for directing (Marat/Sade, Rashōmon, New Student Showcase) and playwriting (Circus of Fallen Angels)

Theatre Lab: Instructor (2015-Current) and Guest Artist/Director (2013-2015)

  • TeenSchoolYear

    Working with High School Students in Theatre Lab’s Summer Acting Institute

    Instructor: Auditioning

  • Instructor: Cold Reads
  • Instructor: Playwriting
  • Instructor/Director: Creating a Role (The Island of Dr. Moreau)
  • Instructor/Director: Creating a Role (The Crucible)
  • Instructor/Director: Creating a Role (The Skin of our Teeth)
  • Instructor/Director: Creating a Role (Around the World in 80 Days)
  • Director/Playwright: 2019 Summer Acting Institute for Teens (Wolves in the Lion City)
  • Director: 2018 Summer Acting Institute for Teens (Polaroid Stories)
  • Director: 2017 Summer Acting Institute for Teens (Macbeth)
  • Director: 2016 Summer Acting Institute for Teens (Columbinus)
  • Director: 2015 Summer Acting Institute for Teens (Museum)
  • Director: 2014 Summer Acting Institute for Teens (Anon/ymous)
  • Director: 2013 Summer Acting Institute for Teens (Rimers of Eldritch)
  • Seminars and guest artist: Auditioning, Acting in a Professional Production readings, Honors Final Project mentorship

Instructor: National Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts (2011-Current)

  • Acting 1: Script Analysis
  • Rehearsal Project: Greek Tragedy
  • Rehearsal Project: Shakespeare
  • Rehearsal Project: Realism
  • Rehearsal Project: Final Project
  • Theatre History
  • Dramatic Literature
  • Workshops, various: Playwriting, Directing, Shadow Puppetry, Asian Theatre forms, Theatre History

Imagination Stage Acting Conservatory (2013-current)

Instructor: The Writers Center (2013-2016)

  • Beginning Playwriting
  • Intermediate Playwriting
  • 24-hour Playwriting Workshop

Workshops/Guest Lecturer:

  • University of Richmond: Guest Lecturer in English Department on Shakespeare in Performance
  • George Washington University: Guest Artist in New Play Project (playwriting: wild42hold)
  • George Washington University: Workshop in Playwriting
  • Georgetown University: Workshops in Playwriting, Indonesian Shadow Puppetry Workshop
  • James Madison University: Workshop in Playwriting


Seminar at National Conservatory for Dramatic Arts

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