Big Love (2015): Catholic University

The Legend of Hang Tuah (2023): Pointless Theatre

Chemical Exile Synthesis (2022): Rorschach Theatre

She Kills Monsters 2e (2019): Rorschach Theatre 

Hello, My Name Is… (2017): The Welders

The Electric Baby (2016): Rorschach Theatre

Anon/ymous (2016): Georgetown University

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2016): WSC Avant Bard

very still & hard to see (2015): Rorschach Theatre

Big Love (2015): Catholic University

Rashōmon (2015): American University

She Kills Monsters (2014): Rorschach Theatre

The Minotaur (2013): Rorschach Theatre

Marat/Sade (2013): American University

After the Quake (2011): Rorschach Theatre

Freud Meets Girl (2010): Wayward Theatre / Capital Fringe Festival

1001 (2009): Rorschach Theatre

Monster (2007): Rorschach Theatre

Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards (2006): Rorschach Theatre

Behold! (2005): Rorschach Theatre

Home/Abroad (2003): Otherwise Theatre / Seattle Fringe Festival 

The Wild Plays (2001): Source Theatre

JB (2001): Rorschach Theatre

Rhinoceros (2000): Rorschach Theatre

SOURCE FESTIVAL (world premiere one-acts):

The See Saw (2012)

A Fugue for Amorous Tornadoes (2011)

Something Like Loneliness (2010)

THEATRE LAB educational projects:

Tell Me Something Good (2022): : Summer Acting Institute for Teens

Almost Maine (2021): Summer Acting Institute for Teens

As You Like It (2020, 2021): “Creating a Role” class and production

Big Love (2020): Summer Acting Institute for Teens

Wolves in the Lion City(2019): Summer Acting Institute for Teens

Around the World in 80 Days (2019): “Creating a Role” class and production

Polaroid Stories (2018): Summer Acting Institute for Teens

The Skin of our Teeth (2018): “Creating a Role” class and production

Macbeth (2017): Summer Acting Institute for Teens

The Crucible (2017): “Creating a Role” class and production

Columbinus (2016): Summer Acting Institute for Teens

Island of Doctor Moreau (2016) “Creating a Role” class and production

Museum (2015): Summer Acting Institute for Teens 

Anon(ymous) (2014): Summer Acting Institute for Teens

Rimers of Eldritch (2013): Summer Acting Institute for Teens

On an Open Road (2012): Summer Acting Institute for Teens

IMAGINATION STAGE Educational Projects:

Batboy The Musical (2022): Imagination Stage 

Twelfth Night (2018): Imagination Stage Acting Conservatory

Lord of the Flies (2016): Imagination Stage Acting Conservatory

Still Life with Iris (2014): Imagination Stage Acting Conservatory

The Ice Wolf (2013): Imagination Stage Acting Conservatory


Much Ado About Nothing (2017)

Community Theatre Christmas (2012)

In A Grove: Four Japanese Ghost Stories (2011)



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