Between Days

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Commissioned for Theatre Lab’s Summer Acting Institute for Teens, (under its original name, Wolves in the Lion City) Between Days dramatizes an evening when everything changes for a group of expatriate American high school students living in Singapore. The play takes place at a hawker center (an open-air food market) that has the peculiar distinction of being a place where western teenagers spend their Friday and Saturday nights.

The market has been here forever, since before the traffic circle was built around it. The structures are rough and ramshackle, looking like they were built with the cast-off materials of the city. The floors are always wet, the tables are always sticky and the sound of a hundred different languages is heard all night. The western teenagers mix with the local clamor, attracted by cheap food, available beer, and the ubiquity of their classmates. In the play, the locals are purposely invisible as the action focuses on the strange subculture of American teenagers growing up abroad.

The structure of the play focuses on the same fifteen minutes from five different perspectives – each one focusing on a different table of students, each table inhabited by a different tribe. All of the groups are linked by the misadventures of their classmate Davis Hunt, a charming, dangerous alcoholic about whom everyone seems to have an opinion. His most recent actions – an act of vandalism, punishable in Singapore by caning – may be his final undoing.

Theatres and High Schools looking to produce the show:
Between Days features an entirely teenage cast with roles for 18 people (6M/12F)

Perusal Script available by request.

All photos on this page by Ryan Maxwell Photography. From the Theatre Lab Production (August 2019)


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