Short Plays

The Carriage Floor (2017)

The Coupe Corleone by Randy Baker / Part of SIX IMPOSSIBLE THINGS, May 2014 / Photo: C. Stanley Photography

A ghost story. Two couples in the same room living in parallel realities, both searching for the same lost treasure and coming to terms with the same unspeakable tragedy.  Adapted into a stand-alone play from an earlier piece that was a part of the immersive experience Six Impossible Things at Rorschach Theatre.




The Rabbit and the Snake / Source Festival

The Rabbit and the Snake (2008)
PRODUCED Source Festival, June 2008
Listen to Actor Shane Wallis talk about the play here

The Boy Who Knew No Fear (2007)
PRODUCED Three Leaches Theatre (Boulder, CO), February 2012
PRODUCED Rorschach Theatre “Myth-Appropriation,” September 2007

Blood from the Hook (2010)
PUBLISHED Pitkin Review, Fall 2011

An Angel Smokes in a Dirty Alley (2011)
PUBLISHED Pitkin Review, Spring 2011

Paolo and Francesca (2009)
PRODUCED Rorschach Theatre “Myth-Appropriation,” August 2009
PUBLIC READING Goddard College, January 2012

Beit Jala (2008)
PRODUCED Rorschach Theatre “Myth-Appropriation,” December 2008
PUBLIC READING Goddard College, June 2010

The Temple Snakes that Licked at her Ears (2012)
PRODUCED Rorschach Theatre “Klecksography,” March 2012

A Lonely Dictator on the Eve of Revolution (2011)
PRODUCED Forum Theatre “Forum (Re)Acts”

Sam the Prophet (2008)
PRODUCED Extreme Exchange, October 2008
PUBLIC READING Goddard College, January 2011

Sam the Prophet / Extreme Exchange

Crunch (2008)
PRODUCED Rorschach Theatre “Myth-Appropriation,” April 2008

Cassandra Dances with the Devil (2009)
PRODUCED Source Festival, June 2009

Veronica’s Omelet (2006)
PRODUCED Extreme Exchange, 2006

The Storm at Their Backs (2005)
PRODUCED Extreme Exchange, 2005

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