Island of Dr. Moreau


All Photos on this Page: Ryan Maxwell Photography

Based on the novel by H. G. Wells
Adapted for the stage by Robert Kauzlaric

April 7-9, 2016, The Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts

“This OG nature-kicks-butt dystopia was given a wonderfully fascinating treatment by students in the course, “Creating a Role,” at The Theatre Lab in Washington, DC. The students’ performance of The Island of Dr. Moreau was the final culmination of their semester of work, and it absolutely lived up to The Theatre Lab’s reputation for high quality theatre training in the District. Unfortunately, Moreau only ran for one weekend on April 7-9th. But what they did was really cool.

“The glue that holds the show together is the wonderful direction by Randy Baker. Baker uses the wide open space of the Calvary Baptist Church to his advantage, creating the sense of an expansive, far flung other world. This is aided by some clever placement of ladders that both connects the lower space to the upper balcony and helps frame the central playing space.”

–DC Metro Theatre Arts (CLICK HERE for the full review)

FEATURING: Len Breslow, Kellik Dawson, Marta Goldsmith, William Greene, Tom Hamilton, Quo Judkins, Cassandra Newman, Diego Ortiz, Dane Petersen, Joey Schulman, Haley Shea, Dina Soltan, Rachael Susaneck

Angelo Merenda (Set and Sound Design), Kris Thompson (Lighting Design), Dominique Gaddy (Costume Designer), Robb Hunter (Fight Choreography), Tia Shearer (Movement), Brianna Capps (Stage Management)


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