Still Life with Iris

By Steven Dietz

Performed by the Imagination Stage Acting Conservatory, April 2014

Still Life With Iris takes place in the magical world of Nocturno. A place opposite our own, where by night workers create everything we see in our world by day. Iris, a young girl in Nocturno, is taken away from her home and her memories erased by the rulers of Nocturno. She is left with one small button to remind her of her past. With that single memento and some friends she meets along her journey, Iris begins a search in hopes of finding her home.

The production of Still Life with Iris was the culminating project for the Imagination Stage Acting Conservatory, an actor training program for young performers in grades 7-10

FEATURING: Carly Choppin, Halley Gillespie, Katie Holden, Jayla Muse, Devan O’Neil, Sophie Schulman, Samuel Solomon, Madison Than, Katherine Weinsheimer

DESIGNED  BY Chelsey Schuller (Costumes), Elizabeth Jenkins McFadden (Set), Palmer Hefferan (Sound and Composition) and Kris Thompson (Lights)


WITH Kyle Encinas (Fight Choreography), Jenn Schwartz (Production Manager) and Nikki Kaplan (Imagination Stage Associate Director of Education)


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