The Crucible


All Photos on this page: Ryan Maxwell Photography

by Arthur Miller
Directed by Randy Baker

May 18-20, 2017 
The Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts

The Theatre Lab’s Creating a Role class presents The Crucible – a dramatic retelling of the events surrounding and the hysteria caused by the Salem witch trials.

FEATURING: Annlouise Conrad, Casey Ewell, Richard Fiske, Gabrielle Green, Anna Huntley, Jon Lewin, Denen Norfleet Boyce, Steven Michael Robinson, Sophia Roosevelt, Steven Rosenthal, Michelle Santuoso, Emily Sorensen, Nora Spellane, Harlie Sponaugle, Seetha Srinivasan, Mae Whitesides

WITH Tori Boutin (Assistant Director), Angelo Merenda (Set and Sound Design), Marianne Meadows (Lighting Design), Emma Tremmel and Elise Lemle (Costume Designer), Tia Shearer (Movement).


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