The Ice Wolf

By Joanna Kraus

Performed by the Imagination Stage Acting Conservatory, April 2013

In an Inuit village ruled by spirits, superstition, and myth, Anatou is deemed an outsider by her own people. She embarks on a journey into a forbidden forest where the Wood God holds the powers to turn her into a wolf which forever changes the world she knew. This Inuit tale invites us to take a look at how we view ourselves, our world, and those around us.

The production of Ice Wolf was the culminating project for the Imagination Stage Acting Conservatory, an actor training program for young performers in grades 7-10

FEATURING Ezra Alexander, Miranda Catsambas, Janey Fredman, Mackenzie Gross, Emily Issac, Maaike Laanstra-Corn, Carter May, Samantha Noland, Gabriella Pereira-Feron, Hazel Rosenblum, Maiu Romano-Verthelyi, Fiona Selmi, Carly Strum, Claire Wilson, Kyle Wilson

DESIGNED  BY Debra Kim Sivigny (Costumes), Jaimie Kumpf (Set), Neil McFadden (Sound) and Britney Dilberto (Lights) / STAGE MANAGED BY Megan St John / WITH Kyle Encinas (Fight Choreography), Bradley Cooper (Production Manager) and Nikki Kaplan (Imagination Stage Associate Director of Education)


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