IMG_7340On the edge of a broken city there is an empty lot littered with gravel and glass, abandoned cars and half-destroyed detritus.  Rising above it all is a large and mysterious concrete structure with thick sturdy supports, a roof of broken concrete and no indication as to what it ever was.  College students call it “The Gate” and they come here to dance.


Commissioned by George Washington University and performed as a part of their mainstage season. The play was performed from February 21-24, 2013 with the following cast: Phil Anderson, Madison Awalt, Edward Churchill, Blake Hakimian, Madeline Hendricks, Shira Hereld, Rachel Johnson, Tural Nazim Oglu Mammadli, Marcelene Sutter and Lauren Winters.  The production was directed by Jodi Kantor.

DC Metro Theater Arts review HERE

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